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Happy 11th, Emma!!

Emma Bailey's 11th Birthday Party

Emma’s 9th Birthday

We went to Wilmington, NC for your birthday. Dad’s idea, I think. We stayed at this water front motel that was kind of sketch but we still had a ton of fun. Beach by day, buckets on our head at night. LOL!

Emma’s 7th Birthday!!

I brought cupcakes to your school on your birthday but we didn’t officially have your party until the following weekend. Gram, Chichi, Daddy, Trey, You and I all celebrated together. You had sooooo many presents and were so cute opening them as you threw the torn paper over your shoulder. you got lots of toys, art supplies and clothes. you also had two cakes this year, one for both weekends we celebrated. you are so worth it!!

Emma’s 4th Birthday Party


Best Birthday Present Ever!

Emma told me she loved me for the first time today!  It melted my heart!

Emma’s 2nd Birthday Layout

I added a link to Emma’s Second Birthday pics on the right! We had sooo much fun!!! She got a lot of toys and clothes that she needed. She has enjoyed playing with everything this week. She’s busy in her new kitchen and loves riding her trike. Thanks everybody for celebrating my precious girl’s special day!

Emma Walks/Crawls on the Sand on her Birthday

Another Birthday Party

We went to one of Emma’s friend’s 3rd Birthday. We had so much fun. It was at this place called Bounce U. You rent the facility and it has all kinds of inflatable games. These are pictures of us going down the slide.

Emma’s First Birthday party

Today we went to Emma’s first birthday party. It was Logan Clendenon’s (sp?) 1st birthday. She lives just on the corner in our neighborhood. We are going to have Emma’s party at the same place, Bur-mil Park, hopefully. Emma had so much fun and was an angel at the party. Everyone wanted to play with her and the Dads and their little girls would take her down the slide while I waited at the bottom. She played with balloons, too. She LOVED those. Then, Logan came and gave Emma a kiss to thank her for coming! It was really cute!!!