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Puddle Stomping

Back to School 2010

My Little Rocker

All About Emma

Journaling Reads: “Emma keeps me in stitches most of the time but I wanted to write a few things that I know about her now at the age of 4. Her favorite color is brown and her favorite cartoon is Max & Ruby (but she just told me it was Team Umizoomi) so I guess it just changed. She loves singing and playing with her friends. Her best friends are Jude and Logan. She is a Christian and accepted Jesus in her heart a few months ago. She is a home body and loves just spending time with her family. Every morning that she wakes up, she asks me, “Mom are we not going anywhere today?” When she does go out she says her favorite place to go is ArtQuest because she loves to paint. She loves her brother and pretending she is his mommy.  She will be a great mommy one day! Her favorite Backyardigan character is Tasha and Uniqua because they are girls like her. Somehow she picked upverb tenses in an odd way and says words like “doo-es” and “watch-ted” or “kiss-ted”.  It’s very funny and I probably need to start correcting her sometime son but for now I’l leave it because it is very cute! Her favorite food is a grilled cheese sandwich (but she whispered under her breath that it’s really an Oreo cookie). She chats with me throughout any amount of time we spend together. She will tell you a thousand times a day how much she loves you. Some of this information about Emma will change over the years. One thing that will not change is how much I love her! She is a joy to my life and I love her dearly! I cannot imagine my life without her!”

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Girl Time @ Disney


Magic Kingdom – Day 1


Hollywood Studios


Sprinkler Season


End of Year Musical

Emma and Trey Singing from Ashley Bailey on Vimeo.

Asheboro Zoo


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