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A Throw Back….


Someone’s Going to Get Hurt


Emma & Trey roughhousing….actually Trey finally got something away from Emma (she normally snatches from him)….he proceeded to taunt her with it and she is wrestling him for it until it finally ends with Trey getting pushed against our metal baby gate….then, Emma grabbed the camera and took the picture of Trey crying!

Emma-isms 9.25.09

After watching Cinderella more than a few times: “Mom, I love pumpkins….(waving her magic wand)….pippity poppity poo!”

A Brother’s Love


My Little Ballet Dancer


Emma had her first dance lesson at this new studio and I really like it.  The teacher was really engaging and it’s a small class (only five) so they really get individual attention.  The teacher was showing them how to feel their spine and how to have a long swan neck when dancing.  So, she had a little glitter roller ball thing that she would roll on the girl’s necks to show them how to stretch out their neck.  She let all the girls go and look in the mirror after she put it on.  Each girl would go and look and then come back.  Emma went and looked for a minute…then she asked the teacher, “Can I keep looking at my glitter for a little longer?”  LOL!  So funny!

1st Day of School


Labor Day



Emma: “Mom, how old is Trey?”
Me: “He’s 1 and he’s getting ready to turn 2”
Emma: “and next he’ll turn 4!”
Me: “Next he’ll turn 3 and then 4”
Emma: “But I’m 3!!”
Me: “You’re 3 and you’re getting ready to turn 4!”
Emma: “But I don’t wanna be 4….I wanna be 3!!”

A Night of Baseball…”Hoppers-Style”


July 4th